IT security at the University of Bern

Expanding your knowledge

Not all groups are exposed to the same level of risk from the lnternet. Attackers pay particular attention to personal and financial data, along with login details.

We too focus on personal and financial data, and login data. As well as being subject to increased protection for legal reasons, this information can easily be abused and exploited for personal gain. In order to satisfy different training needs, we offer an eLearning module in ILIAS and a quarterly workshop.

The ILIAS training course is aimed at all staff and students of the University of Bern and provides a general overview of the most important types of threat associated with IT resources, along with tips on how to combat these threats.

The workshop is aimed at all staff who handle personal and/or financial data on a regular basis. Lasting 60 minutes, the workshop draws on several compelling examples to examine the key threats associated with IT resources. Since groups are restricted to max. 20 persons, individual questions can be examined in detail and, if desired, debated in a plenary session. The objective here is a lively exchange of information between the participants.

Currently there are no open workshops. The dates for the upcoming workshops will be published soon.